How the Gold Coast is Fast Becoming a Property Developer’s Dream

Long known for being the ultimate tourism destination in Queensland, the Gold Coast is now gaining even more popularity also as a prime choice for buying a home. This city on the beach has seen an impressive growth in its housing market, and town planning Gold Coast experts have become more in demand.

Its coast, theme parks, sports and recreational facilities, and sun-blessed weather have undoubtedly been a huge draw. But potential homeowners and real estate investors naturally want to look beyond the tourist attractions, and the Gold Coast has plenty of additional features for the residential market.

Growing population

With more town planning Gold Coast projects underway and more people moving into this city, the number of residents has obviously increased as well. In fact, an article on reported that Bernard Salt, who is a leading demographer, predicts that the Gold Coast will have a population of 1.2 million by the year 2050.

This growth will have a domino effect and push the demand for more housing, increase opportunities for employment, and raise the standard of living. Learn more about Grummitt Planning

Booming demand for housing

Town planning Gold Coast specialists have heard the demand of potential homeowners to provide more residential options. Reports show that in the past 5 years, there has been an estimated 23% and 34% increase in apartments and houses respectively within the city.

There is also a rise in interest for duplex units according to an article in This is mainly because there have been changes to Gold Coast town planning density restrictionsIn addition, duplexes provide more housing units while using less land.

Thanks to a booming real estate market, reports show that the city’s December 2017 median house values rose by 7.6 percent.

Increasing number of multi-purpose lifestyle hubs

A growing trend gaining more attention from urban development planners is how more people are seeking to live healthier and to have better life balance. But at the same time, they are also looking for more ways to interconnect family, work, study, and play more seamlessly. And thus came the rise of multi-purpose lifestyle hubs.

There is also an increasing need to have more spaces for escaping urban stressors and be surrounded by natural sceneries and plants, which can be a challenge when you are living in a space-starved and concrete-filled city. However, when you are surrounded by stunning beaches and rainforests that are easily accessible, such as it is in the Gold Coast, finding a haven to reconnect with nature is no problem.

Thus, plans for town planning in Gold Coast can easily adapt these trends since the city is already able to provide the ingredients to a more balanced life—a developing metropolis that is surrounded by beautiful nature.

Strengthening and adding of facilities and services

As more people invest and move into the city, the Gold Coast is also working hard to provide a better standard of living for its residents. Developments in local infrastructure and facilities were further boosted by the city’s hosting of the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

For example, the Health and Knowledge Precinct (also known as the “Parklands”) was primarily built to house the athletes and officials for the games. But after the major sporting event, it becomes a mixed-use community. One of its main functions is as a world-class medical research and technology hub.

As more developers are working on providing the best town planning Gold Coast ideas, residents can expect even more improvements in transportation, education, health, and so on.

Several indicators point towards Gold Coast’s growth as a prime spot for housing demand in Australia. So if you’re looking for real estate development investment opportunities, get in touch with an expert town planning company who understands the local market at

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