Safety Features and Measures a Manufacturing Company Should Have

Worker and workplace safety should be in every entrepreneur’s priority for its business and legal implications. In Australia, companies are required to comply with Work Health and Safety (WHS) laws to promote the overall welfare of workers. At the same time, compliance also helps companies avoid the cost of work-related injuries. Recent statistics show that a total of AUD$ 480 million is paid annually for worker’s compensation. This is reason enough for business owners to avail of security measures, injury prevention, and fire safety audit Brisbane providers offer. There are two factors to consider when implementing safety measures – site and workers.

The Site

Are you manufacturing handicrafts? Or are you producing construction materials? Whichever is the case, be sure to create a safe site for your employees. You can start by implementing the following initiatives:

  1. Consider contacting Brisbane fire building audits professionals.
  2. Choose the best tools and equipment for your processes. Buy those energy-efficient ones that come with warranties and servicing options.
  3. Set up fall prevention systems. Install railings, and be sure that the stairs are equipped with slip-proof materials.
  4. Secure your premises with a gate system. Have surveillance devices at strategic areas of the site, and equip the admin rooms with access controls.

Before implementing these initiatives, it would help to consult experts first to know the best materials and systems to use. For example, having your site undergo the fire safety audit Brisbane engineers offer helps you identify the areas that need better insulation. Visit us at DMA Engineers

The Workers

Aside from availing of site-wide industrial fire protection systems Brisbane CBD providers offer, it’s also a must to come up with safety measures for your workers. To that end, these initiatives might help:

  1. Organise regular health and safety training and seminars.
  2. Equip them with apt safety equipment, such as vests, masks, and overalls, if necessary.
  3. Encourage workers to use mechanical aids, instead of relying too much on manual work.
  4. Offer an attractive workers’ compensation package that includes health and life insurance coverage.
  5. Put labels on hazardous chemicals and fragile materials.
  6. Make the exit clear and set up safety signs.
  7. Avail of fire safety audit Brisbane experts offer to eliminate fire hazards in the workplace.
  8. Keep the site clean and cultivate a positive work culture.
  9. Encourage your team to communicate, especially on potential risks and problems.
  10. Stay sober. And help workers avoid reporting to work if they’re sick.
  11. Encourage employees to take short breaks to avoid the feeling of exhaustion and too much stress.
  12. Set a tolerable, law-approved number of working hours.

A lot could happen at a manufacturing site, considering the physical activities going on in the premises. To protect the people and keep the business going, it’s a must to implement effective security features, such as fire safety cladding, emergency labels, alarm systems, and surveillance devices. If you’re in Australia and are looking for a safety inspection or installation provider, you can rely on DMA Engineers to get you started. The company has been helping owners of commercial properties, hospitals, and industrial sites streamline their site safety systems for more than 40 years already. For more information, visit their website at:

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