Scope shopping 101: How to choose the best optical sighting device

Are you trying to decide between Kahles scopes or one by Nightforce or Weaver? With all the scopes available on the market, finding the right one for your kind of rifle can be quite confusing.

Don’t worry, there are ways to identify the right optical sighting device for your needs.

How to choose the best rifle scope for hunting

Consider where and what you hunt

Do you plan to hunt for small game in a dense forest? You’re going to need a scope with a zoom higher than 10x to see through the thicket.

Weaver scopes with 4x to 12x the magnification are sure to suffice.

If you prefer to hunt big game, a good scope is necessary to put as much distance between you and your quarry. Take a look at The Barn

Consider the magnification

Nightforce scopes, for example, offer a range of magnification such as 3.5x to 9x. This refers to the range with which your target will appear big through the scope.

Different ranges are suited for specific situations.

  • 3.5x-9x – best for carbines and for most basic target shooters or recreational hunters
  • Below 10x – recommended for following targets and for off-hand shooting
  • 12x-20x – suitable for full-scale rifles and when hunting on big, open spaces. It’s best for long shots too.

Take note that anything above 10x requires you to shoot from a supported position like a bench or prone shooting.

The range of magnification should help narrow down your options to just Lynx or Kahles scopes.

Fixed or variable

Fixed scopes are more cost-effective than variable scopes but are not recommended for long-range shooting in an open space. In this situation, versatility is key.

Take into account the usual conditions of your hunting grounds

If it’s usually foggy, a fog-proof scope is a must. Whether flat or bumpy, make sure the sighting device is solid in construction and won’t wiggle or come loose when you’re running around.

Check out the Objective Lens Diameter (OLD)

This determines how much light is allowed in the lens. The larger the diameter of the objective zoom, the better you can make a shot because of more light.

OLD is the figure after the zoom length, which is the same measurement as the main tube of the scope’s body. This is usually 30mm.

Go for scopes with higher eye-relief

Eye relief tells you how far back your head can be positioned from the scope so you can see everything. This is crucial to protect yourself from “scope eye,” which happens when the scope hits your eye because of recoil.

Use this guide when shopping for rifle scopes.

What makes Kahles scopes different?

With 120 years of manufacturing high-quality optical devices, you know you’re getting a great deal from this brand. Every piece is designed to help hunters and target shooters enhance their personal performance and expand their boundaries.

It also boasts of uncompromising quality and precision.

The KAHLES HELIA riflescope series, for example, is specially developed for the ambitious and discerning hunters.

You will surely appreciate the quality and accuracy.

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