The Absorb Environmental Training Program

Want to equip yourself with a broad and professional knowledge on Australia’s environmental and resource management? You can opt into the Absorb Environmental Training Programs which will equip you with the right knowledge on the various environmental compliance certifications that you can apply in Australia and globally. The solutions offered by Absorb are aimed at equipping you with the knowledge and the skills to reduce your environmental impact and foster a sustainable culture in Australian industry. All the environmental training courses offered by the Absorb Environmental Solutions are nationally accredited.

There are several environmental training programs that are offered by Absorb. These include the following:

  • Diploma in Environmental Management
  • Advanced Diploma in Environmental Management
  • Check out the Absorb website for other environmental courses.

Environmental Training

The Absorb Diploma of Environmental Management

This is a brief 5 day environmental training course that will equip you with a Nationally Recognized standard. It equips you with the practical environmental skills as well as management, environmental legislation, as well as environmental Duty of Care. The course is highly comprehensive and should enable you to enforce site environmental compliance.

Some of the topics covered here include Environmental Management, Pollution, Resource Management, Environmental Auditing and Environmental Legislation and Standards. Other topics covered in this environmental training course include Ecology and Bio Diversity, Routine Site Environmental Operations, Environmental Emergency Planning, and Interaction with Community and Neighbors.

The course costs $5400 per person and is recommended for people with responsibility for a site’s environmental performance. It is also recommended for professionals interested in furthering their interests in the environmental management and compliance industry. The public courses are available in most Australian cities. Course model includes face-to-face classroom instruction sessions as well as a major assignment that must be completed over a period of 12 weeks.

The Advanced Diploma of Environmental Management

Build on your Diploma with the Advanced Diploma of Environmental Management. The course allows you to effectively meet your organization’s sustainability needs and transition to a position of Environmental Manager in your organization. Upon completion, you should be able to lead the environmental impact management aspects of your organization. You will be able to design and introduce sustainable work practices in company that will minimize environmental impacts.

The course makes you feel secure and confident in your role as an Environmental Manager. You will be able to communicate effectively and manage environmental crises with greater confidence and expertise. The Advanced Diploma costs $7400 per person and is recommended for OHS&E and Environmental Managers or even consultants. It is also designed for those planning to further their careers in the industry or equip themselves with the right expertise to transition from the position of an officer to a manager.

The coursework can be completed online but there is a follow-up face-to-face delivery as well as a major assignment which must be completed within a stipulated time-frame. The learning period stretches over 39 weeks but participants can choose a comfortable pace that they can work with. For additional information on the Absorb Environmental Solutions courses, check out

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